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Code of Ethics

Below is the A. Alrabiah Consulting Engineers’ code of ethics for conducting business activities with clients or suppliers or partners/associates or contractors by maintaining ethical values inside & outside Alrabiah office and to protect our employees from any abuse during their period of employment.

A) In General
  1. Responsibility: All employees of the company are responsible for integrity and the transparency of our dealings with clients, contractors, partners or associates, etc.

  2. Reputation: Always comply with the existing legislation to maintain reputation with our clients, contractors, partners or associates, etc.

  3. Always work with mutual respect & integrity in the company to avoid workplace discrimination, harassment and violence

  4. All managers shall maintain the ethical environment in their respective department and also by leading through exemplary behavior & conduct

  5. Always try to maintain healthy environment by giving importance to potential dangers as mentioned in our Quality Procedure PM- LP-01 and report to concern authority for avoiding accident(s)

B) Anti-Corruption or Bribery

None of the employees must not, directly or indirectly, offer, promise, grant or authorize of anything of value- money, gifts, entertainment, employment, contracts or advantages of any kind – to a government official or our client(s) or supplier(s) or Contractors or partner(s)/associate (s) to influence official action or obtain an improper advantage. If it is done that shall be considered as an effort to improperly influence or bribe a governmental official or client(s) or supplier(s) or partner/associates(s) or contractor(s) to grant Alrabiah a business advantage.

C) Conflict of Interest
  1. All Employees shall not be engaged in secondary employment relationships or establishing a business relationship with or owning a significant financial interest in, a competitor, partner / associate, contractor, supplier or client of Alrabiah

  2. Personal Relationships: Alrabiah support the employment of employees from the same family or have personal relationships but till it works under our code of ethics except the following:

    • Hiring or promoting only family members or someone with whom having personal relationship

    • Influencing third party employees for hiring family members or someone with whom having personal relationship

  3. Disclosing secrets of the company or violating code of ethics for gaining support of a competitor, partner / associate, contractor, supplier or client of Alrabiah for getting employment for family members or personal relationship or any sort of favor that may affect the Alrabiah position in the market.
D) Protection & Confidentiality of Information
  1. Administration & Finance Practices shall be executed with due care & recorded timely with honesty. Neither hides any transaction from the Management nor uses any company resources for illegal purpose. Always follow ISO Procedures PM-FA-01 for Finance & PM-AD-01 for administration and their day to day activities.
  2. All information of confidential nature that provided to us by the client(s), Partner(s), contractor(s), any other third party resources or technical /business information from the company (ies) wants to develop business relationship shall not be disclosed to anyone. In general, always apply business ethics to maintain confidence of all on Alrabiah
  3. All private information of the individuals working with Alrabiah, or dealing with Alrabiah shall be kept confidential by the administration of Alrabiah or any other concerning department who is keeping it.

Reference Documents:

Following are the relevant documents that also to be considered as part of our code of ethics for referral purpose:

  1. Company Rules & regulations
  2. QMS documents that is prepared under ISO 9001:2015 Standard requirements
  3. Third party confidentiality requirements document (s) that are provided to Alrabiah or signed by Alrabiah
  4. Any other agreement that covers working criteria for any activity to be performed by Alrabiah alone or with partners / associates
E) Reporting Authority:

All violation & misconducts shall be reported either of the below mentioned authority and c.c. to others for necessary action and / or to resolve such issues promptly

  • Immediate Supervisor
  • Department Manager
  • Administration & Finance Manager
  • President

A. Alrabiah Consulting Engineers consider all employees are responsible enough to follow the code of ethics and expect that they will cooperate with management & relevant concerns to implement it effectively in all departments. Our success relies on our outstanding business achievements & our commitment to Excellence & Quality.

Quality Policy

Alrabiah Consulting Engineers’ aim is to furnish an outstatnding level of professional service to its Clients which meet or even exceed their expectations.

Alrabiah Consulting Engineers ensures that its Quality Policy is in line with context of the organization and supports its strategic directions.

Alrabiah Consulting Engineers is committed to maintaining and efficient Quality Management System within the framework of ISO 9001:2015, which is subject to regular reviews and periodic audits to evaluate its effectiveness and ensure continual improvement.

Alrabiah Consulting Engineers is committed to fulfilling all applicable legal, regulatory and statutory requirements.

Alrabiah Consulting Engineers has the policy of promoting its employees’ participation in the continual improvement of the quality management system by providing adequate working environment and imparting suitable training at all levels.