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Dr. Abdulrahman A. Alrabiah


Dr. Abdulrahman A. Alrabiah, the office President, is a Civil Engineer by profession. He got his degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Petroleum & Minerals (UPM), Saudi Arabia in 1980. In pursuit of higher education, he earned his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Civil Engineering from the University of Salford – UK, in 1990.

He started his professional career as a Civil Engineer in the Ministry of Finance and National Economy in 1980. In 1982 he became the Project Engineer of the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway and continued until 1987. Eventually Dr. Alrabiah became the General Manager of the King Fahd Causeway Authority until 1993. Recognizing his exemplary contribution to the design and construction of Saudi-Bahrain Causeway, he was awarded Certificate of Distinction by King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia.
From 1993 until this date, he is the President of Alrabiah Consulting Engineers(ARE), which is one of the top Multi Disciplinary Engineering firm in Saudi Arabia.

With his notable expertise, Dr. Alrabiah held several positions such as being the first elected Chairman of the Saudi Council of Engineers. He is the Chairman of the Saudi-Indian Business Council, Chairman of Saudi Arbitration Committees, Member of Saudi-American Business Council, Member of Saudi-British Business Council, Member of London Court of International Arbitration, and Board Member of Arabian Society for Human Resource Management.

Dr Alrabiah has contributed to the understanding of construction problems and project management in Saudi Arabia through his participation in research projects, and presented several papers on construction practices, project management and operation & maintenance strategies. He also serves on various technical committees for Saudi Ministries, the World Bank and other local and international Authorities.

Message From The President

It is with pride that “Alrabiah Consulting Engineers” office (ARE) is one of the leading Engineering Consultants in Saudi Arabia. Attaining this status has not been easy especially in the Engineering professional business. The hardest part is maintaining and seeking improvement in the services to the satisfaction of our valued clients. Our vision is focused in delivering best quality services with competitive prices and timely deliveries.

We will continue to seek improvement by advancing and capitalizing our strengths and eliminating our weaknesses. The pursuit for excellence in our services will continue through continuous recruitment of the best technical staff, and continual training on the latest technologies to meet the demands of our clients.