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We offer consulting services ranging from the planning to rehabilitation of concrete structures, including buildings, industrial plants, bridges, marine structures, and other civil works. Where rehabilitation is required, it undertakes comprehensive investigations, condition evaluation, technical specifications, contract documentation, and supervision of remedial works.

For the design of rehabilitation schemes, we combine a local know-how with extensive experience in the Middle East where rehabilitation schemes have been designed to restore the capacity and preserve the function of damaged structures for their desired service life.

Each scheme is designed based on a thorough assessment and diagnosis in order to achieve a predictable and acceptable performance. Depending on the circumstances, the rehabilitation may include.

  • replacing damaged components,
  • strengthening structural systems,
  • repairing deteriorated areas,
  • preventive maintenance.

The flexible combination of replacing, strengthening, and repairing allows a solution to be formulated for each problem according to the needs. This is made possible by the multi-disciplinary skills and resources with us, covering material technology, durability design and advanced design facilities.