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We in association with experts could advise upon a broad range of international contracts covering civil engineering, building, power, process, petrochemical, offshore and shipbuilding work.

We can investigate live projects and provide an independent report upon performance, cost and time overruns and consequential risks. We can advise them of the correct contractual/legal position and provide a positive strategy to resolve the problem.

In today’s ever-increasing commercial environment, it is important that parties involved in any contract administer this to its full potential, in order to maximize their contractual entitlements. We frequently assist by ensuring that such notices, reports, documentation and correspondence are properly initiated and maintained throughout the duration of the project.

We provide our clients with powerful and experienced teams that combine the three crucial elements necessary for the proper analysis of claims, namely legal, time and financial aspects. We could provide our services as the conciliator, mediator and member of a dispute review board or adjudicator.